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Elyssia (Wardress of Warrens) is the first of four Heroes to be revealed in Armello's third wave of heroes.[1] She and the other three heroes are available as paid DLC in the Usurpers expansion.[2] Elyssia is officially the third rabbit introduced, with her predecessor being Barnaby and the first Rabbit Clan hero being Amber.


Elyssia is a white lop-eared rabbit with a large patch of gray over one side of her face, a color her ears also share. Her feet and paws also appear to be darker, and her eyes are colored a rich dark honey. She wears upon her head a yellow hat with a smoky brown-and-white feather.

She is clad in a buttoned white shirt and a grey vest with golden embellishments. A large white ruff encircles her neck, and around her legs are puffy striped pants. She is armed with several architectural tools, including a mallet, a ruler, a knife and a large measuring staff in paw.

Elyssia's eyes are slanted slyly, suggesting this masterful Rabbit Clan builder isn't all that she appears to be.


Hero AbilityEdit

Elyssia's unique Hero ability allows her to secure any settlement she ends her turn on, erecting walls with double the amount of action points required to cross that hex for other players. Like mountain tiles, Elyssia receives a shield bonus on these enclosed settlements. [3] These fortifications are permanent, and Elyssia can traverse these fortified cities without their associated movement penalty.


Rabbit Clan rings grant its heroes benefits while on Plains tiles, or provide additional Gold or Prestige.

Name Effect Unlock
Emerald Emerald Gain +2 Shields on Plains. Default
Pink Topaz Pink Topaz Increase all your Settlement income by +1 Gold every Dawn. After 2 games
Diamond Diamond Gain 1 Prestige for each Treasure Equipped and Follower Recruited. After 5 games
Sunstone Sunstone In Battle and Perils, +1 Sun result while you have more than 3 Gold. After 10 games


  • Elyssia was revealed unexpectedly on April 20th, 2016, on gaming news sites and on Armello's official Twitter when the XBOX One version was announced.
  • Elyssia is one of four other DLC heroes within the Usurpers Hero pack, the other three are Magna, Sargon, and Ghor.
  • At PAX East 2016, the XBOX One version of Armello will be playable along with Elyssia.[4]



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