His Majesty's loyal servants, gifted to the King at his coronation by the Wolf Clan. Careful lad, these ain't no normal hounds. The King's guard are loyal to the grave. Bear the black mark, and it's your grave.

King's Guard
King's Guard
Gold 0

The King's Guard is the soldier force that protects the kingdom of Armello and the King from harm, and will even sacrifice their own lives to defend their corrupted liege.


All King's Guards are look-alikes, each one a brown dog with slightly lighter paws and concealing golden armor. They all wear a matching, blue-feathered golden helmet that completely obscures their faces and provides only two dark eye-holes and nose-holes for breathing and vision. A blue and yellow cape is strapped at their armored shoulders.

Every guard carries a large battleaxe with a long handle.


Three of these units are placed on the board at the start of the game. Each guard starts with 2 Action Points apiece and move before heroes at dawn. At night, Guards do not move from their tiles, but will defend when attacked.

They do not start out as hostile, although they can be a nuisance or boon due to their potential to block key hexes. It is not out of the ordinary to pick a quest that is on a Tile occupied by a King's Guard. They will actively hunt Banes at any time.

If a Hero attacks a King's Guard at any time, they will receive a bounty that other Heroes can claim for gold and Prestige. If the Hero kills a King's Guard, they will loose -1 Prestige, and if both the Hero and the Guard die, the Hero will loose -2 Prestige. By day, Guards will hunt bountied Heroes and (if within range) attack them until "Justice is Served".


  • (Note: The following is no longer existent in the current version of Armello- 1.2.) When War Mode is activated after a hero enters the Palace Gardens, all King's Guard will become hostile and gain an additional action point. Their likelihood of attacking heroes is based on the Prestige stat.
  • King's Guard are always equipped with a Hare's Halberd.
  • King's Guard can attack Banes and Heroes with Bounties.
  • King's Guard never evade. Cards such as Wyld's Warning do not work on them.
  • King's Guard can only move at night when the appropriate King's Declaration is chosen.
  • They do not gain Prestige or any additional resources from killing other creatures.


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