Magic is a consumable resource determined by your level of Spirit. Magic points are balanced each dusk with your Spirit, replenishing or breaking down your pool to its original portion. Many Spell Cards cost Magic to use, making it a major part of playing Armello.

As Magic is normalized at Night, using up your Magic points prior to dusk is very important.

Ways to Gain MagicEdit

  • Magic can be gained at Dusk when it is balanced to your Spirit.
  • Up to +6 Magic can be obtained via dungeon exploration.
  • The Bear Clan Rings Jade and Amethyst make Magic easier to obtain, Jade allowing players to obtain +3 Magic if in a Forest at dawn, and Amethyst gifting +1 Magic per Spell Card burned.
    • Similarly, the Wolf Clan Ring Moonstone grants +1 Magic for any kill in battle.

Ways to Lose MagicEdit

  • If you have Magic above your Spirit level, the dusk balancing will remove the extra points.
  • Have Witch Hunters be played on you, or encounter and fail it as a Peril.
  • Almost all Spell Cards cost Magic, Rot Cards excluded, therefore Magic will be lost when they are used.
  • Sometimes failing Quests steals Magic.

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