the Devourer
Bear Clan Bear Clan
Gold 2

During Yordana's own turn, any spell she casts targeting herself have a modified description, "Devour Card", have a modified cost of 1 Magic and instead grants her one of five unique 'Pact' spells at the end of her turn, based on the symbol of the card devoured by her cauldron. This appears to prioritize the first card devoured, although additional cards can be devoured to clean your hand. In order for Yordana to buff herself, she must do so during other players' turns.

Card Devoured Pact Received Notes
Armello dice worm Curse of Skill: Borrow 1 from other Pact member's highest stat. The target gets a -1 modifier to one of their highest stats (before temporary modifiers), with you gaining +1 in the same stat. This effect stacks.
Armello dice shield Curse of Valour: If either Pact member attacks the other, they suffer -2 Fight until end of next turn, and the Pact is broken. Only the aggressor suffers the penalty.
Armello dice moon Curse of Eye: Gain Stealth against other Pact member. Only negatively affects the target.
Armello dice wyld Curse of Fate: Perils faced by other Pact member are +1 difficulty. Only negatively affects the target.
Armello dice sun Curse of Blood: Gain +1 Health after each battle where other Pact member kills their opponent.